Thursday, April 26, 2007

First Impressions of the Mighty GT

Consider my post title foreshadowing. I will make this quick, I hope.

I came to BMW motorcycles later than some. And most of my motorcycle miles have been on K-bikes. However, I spent the last two years on a 2002 R1150RS. A fine motorcycle. With a big flaw. The R1150RS has rubber-mounted handlebars. I hated them. Turning felt like that old pickup we have all driven, where the first three inches of steering wheel movement left or right provided absolutely no change in course.

The K1200GT does not have any soft components between my hands and the asphalt. And that new front suspension system ... is like riding with both hands directly on the pavement.

This is the best motorcycle I have ever ridden. Handling is far superior to anything else in my experience.

Wind protection is spectacular - I stay warmer in very cold weather, even without electric help. Graf has an accessory plug wired directly to the battery, so I can use my Gerbings. And it has heated grips and seats. I have not found the need to use them much, except for that one ride where we got snowed on at TWO.

Rain protection, much needed lately, is far superior to my 2000 K1200LT. Yes, even better than the LuxoTub. In a recent driving rain, only my forearms got wet. I have an iPod remote control zip-tied to the left handlebar of Graf. It is fragile, and by no means even water-resistant. Not a drop of moisture on it in driving rain (or snow).

The engine is smooth as silk. And powerful enough to ride it like it has an automatic transmission. On a recent ride to TWO, approaching from the north, I put the bike in third gear in Fannin County and shifted once, down to second, when crossing the Union County line.

Plenty of storage, especially with the small top box. I love the "glove compartment." Ergonomics are perfect for the way I like to sit on a bike.


Anonymous said...

I hate to mention it...

But your GT has rubber mounted bars.

Awesome bikes though aren't they?!?!?!?

Wrench said...

Shhhh. It's only a little bit of rubber, right near my hands, and it does not interfere with handling, like the massive amount of rubber at the bottom of the R1150RS's bars.