Sunday, August 24, 2008

At Toxaway Falls

The RATPack had a very nice turnout today. Buster, the Admiral, and I were the Usual Suspects. Don and the Finch's joined us.

The photo above was supposed to be sent from my iPhone straight to the blog at about 1:00 PM today, but it didn't push. About a week ago I completely reset the iPhone with new firmware, and did not realize that I had set the default "send" account to an address that Blogger did not have as a registered account. I suppose that is all good, for security reasons. Fixed tonight.

What a great day. Breakfast was wonderful at the Bagel Palace in Toco Hills. Cheryl took great care of us once again. The ride up Ceasar's Head was clean. (Larry left some divots in the curves with his pegs, however, for all future riders.) Lunch was excellent - I had lobster and shrimp bisque with a ceasar's salad (go figure). The photo above is in front of the restaurant.

After lunch we tore up the roads from Rosman to Clayton. The Finch's RT has scrapes where scrapes should not be. You go, team. Jack up the preload for the next ride, please, Damian.

As always, great company and great riding. The weather even cooperated.

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