Saturday, September 6, 2008

Benefit Ride

The Ride for BBQ Benefit was also a success, but my picture-taking skills leave a lot to be desired. I think that is Jane hiding behind Bill's topcase.

I started out getting a new tire at BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta. After a very nice cuppa and a test ride of an electric scoot, I was on my way to the Cumming Fairgrounds. There I met several RATPack members, and Jackie and a guy who probably doesn't like me much - I was in quite the irreverent form while slurping up BBQ and stew.

After lunch, we were treated to a very nice ride led by the Admiral. On 60 north of Suches, we were passed by a Kawasaki Green Kawasaki, ridden by a leather clad color coordinated hotshot. I CANNOT resist what Bill coined as "catch and release," so I went after him. I shadowed him until it was time for me to turn off. He was quite smooth. We never got over 70 that I noticed, but we also never used our brakes, either.

All in all, a great day. The food, roads and company were, as alway, above average.

Join us tomorrow at Alpha Soda for a secret ride. I gotta go print maps and finish making my White Bean Turkey Chili.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Kawi coming up, knew what had to happen. As he passed I keyed the mike and said "Sick em Stan" and you did. Almost wet my Darians laughing. Get time with all.